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Environmentally Friendly Coatings

Low VOC coatings have come a long way over the last few years. Chris from Interspray has been
working very closing with one of the leading manufacturers in the development of low VOC coatings.

What are Low VOC coatings?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds which are measured in mg/l.

The standard 2 pack Polyurethanes we use can have up to 800mg/l, even Lacquers and Enamels are
considered high in VOC's.

The Low VOC coatings we are working with today are down as low as 40mg/l. This means they are green
friendly; they have less impact on the environment, they don't smell when they get to site and they
don't continue to gas off for months to come, which can adversely affect people at times.

Spray Painting Low VOC Coatings

There’s been a lot of confusion in what can be achieved with waterborne coatings.

In the past jobs have been specified with the use of interior wall paints to achieve Low VOC results,
with the expectations of a polyurethane look and feel. These materials are not designed for spray
painting and definitely do not produce a polyurethane look.

The same applies when floor coatings are specified for Veneer wall panels and similar.

Interspray has been working closely with manufacturers to test new materials that are not only
sprayable but are closer to the 2 pack polyurethane finish that everyone wants.

These new waterborne coatings are Urethanes, there are 2 pack and single pack systems available
depending upon the application.

We can now put these coatings on most timbers for exterior applications and with UV inhibitors added
they have fewer problems with yellowing.

In the past painter decorators used oil based single pack Urethanes for exterior finishes.
Unfortunately these products are slow to cure and are unable to be transported for days so they are
not suitable for our industry.

The new waterborne products are a much better solution because they are quick drying and are able
to be transported the next day, which means they are on par with the 2 pack Polyurethane systems we are currently

In the Interior fit-out industry these new Low VOC materials are allowing us to reach an acceptable
level to be considered green.

Improvements in these products are continually being made, and one day we will see more and more
of these products appearing as the pressure grows to become more environmentally friendly.
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