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Spray Painting Glass

Interspray have been spray painting glass for some time, we can successfully coat glass in whatever colour you like including metallic and pearl finishes.

We can spray paint common glass applications like bathroom and kitchen splashbacks and many other more unusual applications.

Our experience with different materials helps us to produce the finish you want. Most commonly we use a 2 pack polyurethane system which allows us the flexibility to spray paint jobs that others canít.

Spray Painting Glass Signage

Working with sign companies we can create multi coloured graphics and lettering for shopfronts that allow the customer to be more adventurous with the look of their shop windows.

Spray Painting Effects

We can create many different effects when spray painting glass by fading colours into each other as well as a transparent lead light look and frosted finishes that are useful for privacy.

Spray Painting Polyurethanes

With a full understanding of how the polyurethanes work we can manipulate these systems to become more creative and effective in producing something different and therefore allowing your work to stand out.
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