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Spray Painting Metals

Spray painting Ferris Metals (such as iron and steel) or Non-Ferris metals (like Aluminium and Brass) require different approaches, whether light industrial or for interior decoration we can give you the right advise and use the right material to fulfil your requirements.

As commercial spray painters our finishes not only need to protect the given surface, it has to look good. You can only do that if you're familiar with these types of products.

Being up to date with materials and standards enables us to understand the requirements that are needed. Whether it be a simple enamel, or more complex 2 pack polyurethane and epoxy coatings, we understand their limitations to give you the best result.

Spray painting over Powder coating and colourbond isn't a problem with wet spray finishes, 2 pack polyurethanes just about any colour is achievable including metallics. We have extensive experience spray painting metal surfaces such as; external signage, sheet metal cabinets and composite panels.
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