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Spray Painting Plastics

Fibreglass, PVC, ABS and RIM are materials that are sometimes costly if not impossible to produce in a specified colour. Spray painting them with 2 pack polyurethanes is a better alternative and can aid in the reduction of the surface breakdown most plastics experience when exposed to UV and salt sea environment.

Spray painting plastics can also aid in enhancing the appearance of the item as well as disguise surface defects that can be present from moulding.

Interspray is now able to coat plastics that were previously considered unpaintable thanks to new primers designed for proper adhesion. These primers help prevent the common problem of delaminating or flaking paint on certain surfaces.

Some plastics allow good adhesion directly with the 2 pac polyurethanes and we can advise you on when this is suitable.

Another 2 pack system we are now using on plastic is a new soft touch coating. This is a polyurethane that offers a velvet rubber feel. It's a clear finish and can be coated over other colours, it could also be used to aid grip.

New coatings are being developed all the time allowing us greater flexibility and longer lasting finishes. That's why we stay up to date with new materials and techniques and why you benefit by choosing Interspray for all you spray painting work.
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