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Spray Painting Timber / Veneers

As qualified furniture polishers we are familiar with the various coatings used to beautify and protect timbers and veneers.

Our experience extends from the simplest lacquers, through to 2 pack polyurethane used in the finish of domestic and commercial applications. We enhance veneers and solid timbers to give them a long and serviceable life.

Whether your spray painting job is 500+ square metres of wall or ceiling panelling, high ware or decorative, we have the experience and materials available to give you the best finish that will last and work within your application.

Why Choose Qualified Furniture Polishers?

Spray painting timbers and veneers is a specialised skill and choosing the wrong spray painter can cost you dearly. The most common problem we hear of is spray painters that use the wrong material, sometimes the mistake was made by the specifier which is why we double check everything at Interspray.

The Best Materials for Spray Polishing Timber/Veneer

Veneers and timbers will naturally yellow with age and so do some of the common materials used in the polishing of such products. New materials have been created to lesson the effects of this problem. These materials have been designed with UV inhibitors which dramatically reduce the effects that sunlight can have.

One of the most exciting advancements in spray polishing is with reconstituted or manmade veneers. These veneers are costly and the dyes used can fade dramatically when exposed to direct or indirect light. We can now reduce this problem with better polyurethanes and waterborne urethanes.

In the past, exterior use of materials has been limited because most 2 pack polyurethanes are not flexible enough to withstand temperature and humidity changes. Not only do we now have Low VOC products available but these also offer good exterior protection. These applications need to be well thought out before specifying. If you need more information on how we can create the best finish for your project please feel free to call us on 02 9725 4585.
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